In Memory of Timothy Ray Brown

In memory of Timothy Ray Brown

Contributing Author : Jeff Galvin, CEO and Founder American Gene Technologies

A Message From the CEO of American Gene Technologies®

Timothy Ray Brown - March 11, 1966 - September 29, 2020

Timothy Ray Brown was both a person and a turning point in the arc of HIV history. Timothy received a bone marrow transplant and became functionally cured; a symbol to the world that a cure for HIV was possible. He gives hope to millions of HIV patients and inspires researchers to pursue a cure that could deliver the rare benefit that Timothy experienced to all people living with HIV. I was sad to hear that Timothy Ray Brown had passed, but his unique journey and contribution continue to inspire. Timothy rallied a global community of researchers, patients, and advocates. We are proud to belong to the community that will carry his torch.

Jeff Galvin, CEO and Founder

American Gene Technologies, a company committed to HIV Cure Research

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