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7 Cell Therapy Companies in Maryland Helping to Revolutionize Drug Discovery: The Latest News

By AGT | Dec 29, 2020

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler Maryland is home to one of the largest life science clusters in the United States with more than 500 biotech companies. In addition to several state-of-the-art labs, Maryland is home to the NIH in Bethesda. Research opportunities, as well as BS and MS degree programs, are offered at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and the University of Maryland… [Read More]

Cell Therapy Development is Creating the Next Generation Cures for Cancers

Cell Therapy is Creating the Next Generation Cures for Cancers

By AGT | Dec 22, 2019

Today Human immunity is a beautifully complex system. Students of science around the world groan at the mention of immunology because of its never-ending overlapping cell types and pathways. Those groans are being replaced with genuine interest as immuno-oncology becomes a reality. Excitement exploded in 2017 when two cancer treatments that modify immune cells (CAR-T) were approved by the U.S…. [Read More]

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