American Gene Technologies® harnesses the power of gene therapy to relieve human suffering from serious diseases.

Imagine a World Without HIV

American Gene Technologies is working to prove a functional cure is possible with our revolutionary gene therapy technology.

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American Gene Technologies®, a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Rockville, Maryland, has recorded data that meets the primary and secondary endpoints of its AGT103-T Phase 1 trial.


Life Sciences Voice: Why Focus on Treating Diseases Instead of Curing Them

So much money has been poured into treating diseases, but far less into actually curing them. The pharmaceutical industry has done an incredible job of developing highly profitable treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Hosts Scott J Resnik, MBA, NYS EMT-CC, and John Walsh, MD, sit down with Jeff to discuss how he built a company that’s revolutionizing the traditional approach to treating diseases by daring to aim for cures.