American Gene Technologies® lentiviral vectors represent the latest advancements in pharmaceuticals. American Gene Technologies' lentiviral vectors can be used to target a wide variety of diseases including, but not limited to, cancers, chronic diseases, and inherited disorders. The potential targets for genetic technologies include thousands of currently incurable human diseases. With American Gene Technologies' genetic technologies, vectors deliver corrective DNA/RNA to the nucleus and install permanent modifications to:


  • Supply genes to compensate for missing or mutated genes (replacement)
  • Shut down or down-regulate disease pathology (shut off genes that underlie disease)
  • Terminate (kill) a cell if necessary (particularly useful in cancer)

This approach has enormous power to affect the pathology of a cell, by either correcting disorders in the cell (including inherited and acquired disorders) or killing the cell (as in cancers). American Gene Technologies' lentiviral vectors can be narrowly targeted to treat specific types of cells (such as liver cells) and express only when specified DNA, RNA, proteins or enzymes are present, as is the case in certain types of diseases. Lentiviral particles can circulate throughout the bloodstream where they are able to treat cells in the blood, or circulating tumor cells that may have been shed from solid tumors (i.e., from tumors that have metastasized). The particles are sufficiently small enough (approximately 100 nanometers) to invade solid tumors through leaky openings in the capillaries that feed various types of tumor cells, while still being able to target (and kill) circulating tumor cells that might escape some other types of cancer therapies (such as surgery and radiation).


American Gene Technologies' Lentiviral vectors are not limited to treating cancer and cancer cells. They can be configured to target nearly any type of cell and re-regulate a wide variety of genes.


Efficiency and Reusability of Genetic Technologies

American Gene Technologies' is a global leader in the development and use of third-generation lentiviral vectors. The vectors that American Gene Technologies' has developed are a backbone delivery system that is reusable from disease to disease and therefore provide a platform from which American Gene Technologies' can efficiently address a broad portfolio of target diseases. American Gene Technologies' vectors are essentially vessels that transport disease-specific DNA/RNA cargo to target cells in order to treat and/or cure diseases.