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How the Life Sciences Industry is Changing the World - "This Is USG" Video Podcast | Episode 15

In this episode, Dr. Anne Khademian is joined by Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies, for a conversation about the life sciences industry and how it is changing the world with life-saving cures, treatments and technologies to improve health and the human condition.

AGT Named "Breakthrough Company of the Year" Award Winner by Biobuzz

This award recognizes the entrepreneurs and startup companies that have achieved strong commercialization momentum behind their innovative technology. Nominees were selected from companies that showed the most promise, the most momentum, and the most commitment to bringing their technology to the patients who need them.

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Bio Innovation Visionary Jeff Galvin Presents "Death to the Regulatory Barrier to Better Medicine"

Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies, was the keynote speaker at the Bio-Innovation Virtual Conference organized by the Maryland Tech Council. During the conference, he gave this recorded presentation live: "Death to the Regulatory Barrier to Better Medicine."

Jeff Galvin Presents at Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa

Recorded Presentation

CEO of American Gene Technologies (AGT) Jeff Galvin presents at the 2020 Alliance of Regenerative Medicine's Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa. In this presentation, he shares progress on AGT's upcoming Phase 1 clinical trial of its HIV cure program and its Immuno-Oncology approach to killing solid tumors.

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iHeart Radio Recognizes Jeff Galvin as a “CEO You Should Know”

“CEOs You Should Know” is a weekly radio program sponsored by M&T Bank that profiles local companies and their leaders who drive the Greater Washington, D.C. regional economy. As a leader in DC’s business community, iHeart radio invited CEO of American Gene Technologies Jeff Galvin on-air.

BioTalk with Rich Bendis


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American Gene Technologies (AGT) CEO and Founder, Jeff Galvin, returns to BioTalk to share updates on their work for a potential functional cure for HIV, the growth of his company, and where they are going next.

C. David Pauza, Ph.D., CSO of AGT, Presents at the
Advanced Therapies Congress & Expo 2020

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At the Intersection of Genetic Medicine and Immunotherapy: Clinical Experience with a Cell and Gene Therapy for HIV Disease.

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ImmunoTox: Genetic Manipulation of Solid Tumors to Activate the Natural Gamma Delta (γδ) T Cell Response

News Coverage

By ABC 7 Washington, D.C., CBS Baltimore, and DVM-270

When AGT announced its FDA approval to begin a Phase 1 clinical trial for its lead HIV program, media channels covered the story. These videos are a few of the stories that were shared about AGT's news. This event is a historic event for AGT as it marks the company's first clinical trial.

ABC 7 News WJLA: “Montgomery Co. biotech company receives FDA approval for human trials of HIV Cure program”

DVM-270 News: “Rockville lab to begin trials in attempt to cure HIV”

CBS News Baltimore WJZ: “FDA Clears Maryland Company’s Potential HIV Cure For Human Trials”

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AGT was excited to announce its clearance by the FDA to begin a Phase I Trial for an HIV cure. The company hosted a virtual press conference to answer questions from reporters. Here is a video recording of the press conference.

Cell & Gene
Therapy Explained

An AGT Video Series

Companies like AGT are doing groundbreaking research and developing innovative ways to combat diseases. This series of videos will take an inside look at how gene and cell therapy technologies work, what it is like to be part of an innovative gene and cell therapy company, and what these technologies mean for the future of medicine.

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2020 VIRTUAL PDA ANNUAL MEETING: Plenary Presentation on Gene and Cell Therapeutic Technologies Leading to Developing Better Pharmaceuticals at Lower Costs.

In this Plenary Talk at the 2020 PDA Virtual Annual Conference, CEO of AGT, Jeff Galvin explains how gene and cell therapeutic technologies are leading to more effective treatments while greatly reducing the costs of developing therapeutics.


Jeff Galvin Presents "Discovering The Clinical & Commercial Potential of Cell and Gene Therapy" at the Databridge (DBMR) Conference Series on Cell and Gene Therapy on July 31st, 2020.

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THE NEW ECONOMICS AND EFFICIENCIES OF GENE THERAPY - Jeff Galvin Presents at Biopharma Connections

In this BioPharma Connections webinar, CEO of AGT, Jeffrey Galvin explains how biotechnology is moving forward at an incredible rate. Gene and cell therapy is moving closer to an HIV Cure, and has been approved for a human trial since the recording of this webinar.


BioNeex, a Biopharmaceutical R&D exchange platform for compounds licensing and co-development partnerships, created an interview series of innovative CEOs and executives to provide value to its customers and the biotechnology industry. Founder Dr. Smbat Rafayelyan interviewed AGT CEO Jeff Galvin as part of its series.

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Dr. Hardy Shares the Possibilities of Gene Therapy

Contrary to antiretroviral drugs, gene therapy could be used to give the human body immunity to HIV. Dr. David Hardy, a member of American Gene Technologies (AGT)’s HIV Scientific Advisory Board, tells his story of his lifelong commitment to mitigate the effects of the HIV virus.


Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies (AGT), explains his ascent into the biotechnology drug development field after working closely with computers in Silicon Valley for a large part of his life.

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