The Devastating Impact of HIV

Millions of people worldwide are living with HIV, a chronic, life-altering virus that attacks the body's immune system. While significant advancements in treatment have allowed individuals with HIV to live longer lives, the virus can still have a profound impact on a person's physical and mental well-being.


Consistent Development Progress

Two clinical studies completed and published over five years (despite the COVID pandemic)

AGT103-T Is Delivered as an Autologous Cell Product:
Two Outpatient Visits – No Hospitalization – Can Be Administered in a Clinic

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More Information about our progress and how your donation will potentially help those living with HIV


The Cure Chronicles video series features engaging conversations with people living with HIV, advocates, and medical experts.


The HIV Cure Countdown showcases our history of successful research to date, our current HIV Clinical Trial Timeline.


Our HIV division has a detailed science page that covers our gene therapy approach and the three steps to protect against HIV.


For those looking for our clinical results, our HIV division has a full detailed breakdown of what we learned and observed.

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