A revolution in pharmaceuticals that ushers in tremendous benefits to patients, payers, and the public



To leverage the power of gene and cell therapy to reduce human suffering or early death from serious human diseases


How We Do It:

  • Create solutions for patients across a spectrum of infectious diseases, cancers and autosomal disorders;
  • Collaborate with leading medical researchers from around the globe;
  • Partner with pharmaceutical and biotech firms on indication and platform-specific opportunities;
  • Enhance our proprietary platform to expedite drug development

AGT is developing and commercializing genetic medicines targeting major diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer, or HCC). Our drug candidates have achieved initial proof of concept in preclinical studies and have potential to deliver cost-effective therapies that are better targeted and more potent with fewer side effects. AGT’s drugs will treat symptomatic diseases, but are intended to provide durable cures that extend the length and improve the quality of patients’ lives.


As of October 2020, AGT is officially a clinical stage company with an ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial of AGT103-T, an HIV therapeutic.  We have three lead programs in our pipeline – all based on our proven drug-delivery platform — a proprietary vector with broad applicability in immuno-oncology and many other diseases. AGT is focused on technical and financial success. Curing even just one of the diseases will be a remarkable success for patients, society, researchers, and our investors.


Currently, AGT has lead programs for the following indications: