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The Arc of HIV History 4

Chapter IV: Solving The Riddle, A Consequential Approach

By AGT | May 23, 2021

The arc of HIV history has been developing over the last four decades.  In the early days there was much we did not know, but as teams of physicians, researchers and patients increased their understanding of the disease, progress was made.  Early efforts with repurposed cancer drugs gave way to numerous viral inhibitor combinations.  On a parallel course, attempts to… [Read More]

The Berlin Patient’s Success Produces A Flurry of Activity

By AGT | Dec 30, 2020

The Berlin Patient’s Success Produces A Flurry of Activity With an important milestone in the rearview mirror and clarity on the course ahead, the Berlin patient’s success invigorated new efforts to eliminate the CCR5 receptor.  Stem cell replacement cannot be practiced widely because of its risk, complexity and requirement for a highly compatible donor.  Many patients who received bone marrow… [Read More]

The History of HIV Cure Research: Reaching for a Cure

By AGT | Dec 8, 2020

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler A new immune deficiency illness came on the scene in 1981. In the years immediately following, four questions arose that indicated the uncertainty of the time: What was this illness? How was it transmitted? Could it be treated? Could it be cured? By 2004, when the number of people living with what we now knew as HIV… [Read More]

The History of HIV Cure Research: The Latest Research in BioPharma

By AGT | Dec 7, 2020

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler In the forty years since the HIV/AIDS pandemic began in 1981, researchers have learned a lot about this disease that destroys the immune system. Early on, they identified the method of transmission and the means of HIV replication. They went on to successfully turn what had been a deadly disease into a chronic illness through the daily… [Read More]

Why Is It So Difficult to Find an HIV Cure?

By AGT | Oct 22, 2020

More than 32 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the start of the epidemic in 1981, making HIV/AIDS one of the greatest public health threats the world has known. Since it was first identified nearly 40 years ago, trillions of dollars have been spent by governments and private individuals on efforts to find effective treatments, vaccines, and a… [Read More]

In Memory of Timothy Ray Brown

By AGT | Oct 2, 2020

A Message From the CEO of American Gene Technologies® Timothy Ray Brown – March 11, 1966 – September 29, 2020 Timothy Ray Brown was both a person and a turning point in the arc of HIV history. Timothy received a bone marrow transplant and became functionally cured; a symbol to the world that a cure for HIV was possible. He… [Read More]

4 Global Trends That Will Affect ​HIV Cure​ Research in 2025

By AGT | Oct 2, 2020

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler Researchers have been working on an HIV Cure since the first reports of the illness appeared in 1981. We now have effective treatment in the form of a cocktail of antiretroviral drugs that stop the HIV virus’s progression to full-blown AIDS, but It is not a cure. Despite their benefits, antiretrovirals bring a shortened lifespan and… [Read More]

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