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ShareTreck Host Interviews Jeff Galvin on The Future of Medicine

By AGT | Nov 28, 2022

Raj Natarajan, host of ShareTreck, goes behind the scenes with Jeff Galvin, Founder and CEO of American Gene Technologies® to discover how groundbreaking gene therapy technology could be on the verge of disrupting big pharma to become the next trillion dollar industry. Jeff explains how gene therapy works, and what it means for people with deadly diseases, as well as… [Read More]

The FDA’s Evolving Approach to Drug Approval

By AGT | May 26, 2022

Contributing Author John Vandermosten, Senior Biotechnology Analyst One hundred and fifty years ago, the world of medicine was radically different from today. The pharmaceutical market was dominated by powders, potions, elixirs and cordials that made extraordinary claims but rarely if ever had any scientific backing for their advertised potential. Most of the products were harmless, but some contained alcohol, cocaine or… [Read More]

What is CAR T Cell Therapy

What Is CAR T-Cell Therapy? How It Works In 2-Minutes

By AGT | May 13, 2021

Big Picture    Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. In the U.S., only heart disease ranks above it. The American Cancer Society estimates that in the U.S. in 2021, there will be nearly 2 million new cancer cases and more than 600,000 cancer deaths from all types of cancer combined. However, our individual immune systems have a variety… [Read More]

What is Stem Cell Therapy

What Is Stem Cell Therapy? How It Works In 2-Minutes

By AGT | Apr 23, 2021

Big Picture    Genomic medicine is bringing hope where none previously existed. This approach to cure and treat human diseases uses human biology rather than chemical compounds made in the lab to unlock techniques and therapies with the power to cure formerly incurable diseases. The use of gene therapy, CAR T cell therapy, stem cell, and other therapies is revolutionizing… [Read More]

What Is Gene Editing? How It Works In 2-Minutes

By AGT | Apr 17, 2021

  Big Picture    Gene therapy, stem cell therapy, CAR T, cell therapy, and gene editing are all forms of genomic medicine1 – an approach to cure and treat human diseases that uses human biology rather than chemical compounds made in the lab. All of these tools are unlocking techniques and therapies with the power to cure formerly incurable diseases…. [Read More]

5 Biotech Companies in Maryland That May Make History in 2021

By AGT | Jan 20, 2021

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler These five biotechnology companies in Maryland may make history in 2021 because they have multiple therapeutic programs in trials for a variety of genetic diseases. REGENXBIO is a publicly-traded company that develops products for one-and-done, single-dose solutions addressing genetic defects. Their products use adeno associated virus (AAV) viral vectors that make up their proprietary NAV Technology… [Read More]

The Race for a COVID Vaccine Foreshadows a Medical Revolution

By AGT | Dec 21, 2020

Conventional vaccine development can take many years, yet vaccines targeting the novel coronavirus were approved and began distribution in under 12 months. Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have led the race, announcing promising interim results in their vaccine trials, with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines showing upwards of 90% effectiveness. The news is filled with updates on the progress of these vaccines,… [Read More]

Top 5 Harvard Business Review Must Reads That Will Shape the Future of Biotechnology

By AGT | Jul 16, 2020

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) has provided thought-provoking content since 1922. Whether business leaders are interested in optimizing their organizational structure or instituting programs to retain key employees, the HBR provides insights from experts in their fields. In order to achieve success in the emerging biotech industry, biotech leaders must be able to communicate their vision for this entirely new… [Read More]

Top 5 TED Talks on Gene Technology that Every Biotech Leader Must Watch

By AGT | Jul 13, 2020

TED Talks began in 1984 as a conference originating in Silicon Valley where powerful voices in Technology, Entertainment, and Design came together to spread potent ideas with broad relevance. Today there are thousands of talks of 18 minutes or less, in more than 100 languages, covering topics ranging from science to global issues. Despite this diversity, all TED talks share… [Read More]

Business Innovation: 5 Disruptive Technology Leaders Tell You How To Develop Creativity and Innovation In The Workplace

By AGT | Jun 3, 2019

American Gene Technologies® (AGT™) recently hosted a panel of thought leaders from five different industries at the Hot Technologies & Innovations event and asked each panelist, “How do you spark creativity in your company and keep it evolving?” Their answers revealed why each innovator heads a successful, forward-facing enterprise, one that attracts the best talent, while providing fertile ground for… [Read More]

The Next Generation of Gene Therapy Companies

The Next Generation of Gene Therapy Companies

By AGT | Dec 18, 2018

The future of medicine is bright. This year brought several first in class technologies over the finish line. The underpinning of these radical medical developments is the understanding of how human genes can be modified to cure diseases and save lives. The technology which captured the most attention this year is CAR-T therapy. A CAR-T therapy consists of the infusion… [Read More]

The Gene Therapy Market is going to produce a Microsoft

The Gene Therapy Market is going to produce a Microsoft

By AGT | Nov 30, 2018

The most common analogy used to compare the science of DNA to other industries is that of computer software. DNA can be viewed as a series of commands (genes) that are coded in four nucleotides (represented by A, G, C, and T). Those letters are interpreted by the cellular machinery to produce cell products like enzymes, proteins, and various building… [Read More]

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