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Raising Awareness for Rare Disease Day

By AGT | Feb 28, 2023

Contributing Author Luke Williams, Sales and Marketing  Each year on February 28th we shine a spotlight on rare disease research. There are thousands of rare diseases, and many stem from inheriting a single pathogenic gene. Traditional medicine can make patients comfortable and help ameliorate symptoms, but cannot address the root cause of disease, necessitating lifelong treatment. But exciting new innovations… [Read More]

How to Design a Gene Therapy to Target Inherited Diseases

By AGT | Feb 23, 2023

Contributing Author Luke Williams, Sales and Marketing  The human genome contains approximately 20,000 protein-coding genes. When read, these genes tell a cell how to make a specific protein, which can then be used to perform a cellular process. Variations on any of these genes can have effects ranging from eye color to lethal disorders. Conventional medicines used to treat these… [Read More]

Black Pioneers in Biology Who Ushered Us Into the Genetic Age

By AGT | Feb 1, 2023

Contributing Author Luke Williams, Sales and Marketing  Meet the scientists who revolutionized our understanding of biochemistry and reframed the human identity For Black History Month, American Gene Technologies® spotlights four of the many influential Black scientists whose work helped launch the genetic age that is revolutionizing biological and medical research, with massive societal and economic implications. We explore the achievements… [Read More]

The Biotech Project Podcast Dives into the Passionate Vision of Jeff Galvin

The Biotech Project Podcast Dives into the Passionate Vision of Jeff Galvin

By AGT | Jan 19, 2023

The Biotech Project podcast hosts Scott J Resnik, MBA, NYS EMT-CC, and John Walsh, MD, sit down with American Gene Technologies® founder and CEO Jeff Galvin for a lively and inspiring discussion.Watch the full episode to follow Jeff’s journey as he builds a company that’s on a path toward revolutionizing the traditional approach to treating diseases by daring to aim… [Read More]

American Gene Technologies Celebrates Another Year of Progress

By AGT | Dec 28, 2022

Contributing Author John Vandermosten, Senior Biotechnology Analyst In 2022, the world was collectively compelled to endure a surge in viral outbreaks, the horror of the Russia-Ukraine war and rampant inflation, which has led many to a state of pessimism. But, the dramatic events of 2022 have overshadowed other, more reassuring news. In contrast to the gloom of this daily news cycle,… [Read More]

AGT Phase 1 HIV Clinical Trial Data Published in Frontiers in Medicine

Phase 1 HIV Clinical Trial Data Published in “Frontiers in Medicine” Journal

By AGT | Dec 22, 2022

Contributing Author Luke Williams, Sales and Marketing  American Gene Technologies® (AGT) designed AGT103-T in hopes of functionally curing HIV. The therapeutic is made of the patient’s own T cells which have been enhanced for HIV resistance, and data from the Phase 1 human trial has recently been published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine. HIV is a curable condition, as… [Read More]

Gene Therapy Clinical Trial Requirements

By AGT | Dec 7, 2022

Contributing Author John Vandermosten, Senior Biotechnology Analyst Gene Therapy Does It “My Way” In 1990, gene therapy burst onto the world stage with the first clinical trial aimed at a genetic disease.  This effort, led by a team at the National Institute of Health, successfully treated a four-year-old girl with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), more commonly known as bubble boy disease…. [Read More]

The Future of Gene Therapy

The Future of Gene Therapy

By AGT | Oct 24, 2022

Contributing Author John Vandermosten, Senior Biotechnology Analyst Economies of scale can apply to gene therapy too Gene therapy’s advantage is its ability to modify the genetic cause of disease. The approach has the potential to correct genetic errors, cure genetic disease and fight serious infections using the body’s own machinery. Its capabilities seem almost limitless, as does the cost of recently… [Read More]

FDA Gene Therapy Approvals

By AGT | Aug 25, 2021

Contributing Author John Vandermosten, Senior Biotechnology Analyst Despite the impact of the pandemic and the seemingly solitary focus of the health care machine on addressing SARS-CoV-2, the gene therapy space continued to progress over the last 18 months.  Several new approvals were granted and promising candidates were advanced in clinical trials and submitted to regulatory authorities.  CAR T has dominated recent… [Read More]

What Is Gene Editing? How It Works In 2-Minutes

By AGT | Apr 17, 2021

Contributing Author : Gina Big Picture    Gene therapy, stem cell therapy, CAR T, cell therapy, and gene editing are all forms of genomic medicine1 – an approach to cure and treat human diseases that uses human biology rather than chemical compounds made in the lab. All of these tools are unlocking techniques and therapies with the power to cure… [Read More]

Technology Transfer, A Catalyst For Gene Therapy Startups | The Spark Therapeutics Example

By AGT | Apr 5, 2021

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler   The ability to consistently bring treatments and cures to market depends upon a company’s capacity to create and sustain a successful product development pipeline. Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have developed small molecule medicines such as Zantac or Lipitor to treat conditions such as heartburn or high cholesterol through a trial and error process that begins without… [Read More]

5 Ways Gene Therapy Companies are Transforming Rare Disease Cures

By AGT | Feb 12, 2021

Contributing Author: Gina Hagler Historically, developing rare disease cures and treatments has been challenging. The small, globally dispersed patient population made it difficult and expensive to bring together enough individuals for a clinical-stage trial. The small patient population of fewer than 1% of the population also made it impossible to recoup the investment in research and development costs required for… [Read More]

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