The worldwide epidemic of HIV/AIDS has caused extraordinary suffering and death. The development and global distribution of antiretroviral drugs capable of slowing the disease surely ranks among the greatest achievements in the history of medicine, but has failed in one critical area. Unfortunately, even decades of treatment adherence do not cure HIV and the virus surges back to full strength within a few weeks of stopping antiretroviral drug chemotherapy. AGT is developing a highly innovative treatment strategy that uses the tools of genetic medicine for immunotherapy that will address this critical gap and potentially create a functional cure for HIV.

The AGT approach differs substantially from other strategies by focusing on key immune cells responsible for building and maintaining strong immunity against this virus. Normally disable by HIV itself, we are protecting these key cells so any future rise of HIV in the body will be attacked by an individual’s immune system and HIV won’t be able to stop this reaction. Our AGT103-T HIV therapeutic drug should work to remove infected cells from the body and decrease or eliminate the need for lifelong antiretroviral treatment.

Delivered as a genetically-modified cell product made from the person’s own cells, AGT’s unique treatment is planned for initial clinical trials starting late 2017.

AIDS AGT Therapeutic Lentivirus

Potent inhibition of HIV replication by AGT Therapeutic Lentivirus in human CD4+ cells

Dramatically Reduces HIV Viral Levels

Research Collaborators associated with our work on HIV / AIDS

Robert Redfield, Jr., MD

David Pauza, PhD