Using Gene Therapy to Cure Diseases, Irene Tennant, VP of AGT

Vice President Irene Tennant explains how companies are developing cures for rare diseases with gene therapy

Irene Tennant, the head of clinical development and regulatory affairs at AGT, speaks about her role in the development of gene and cell therapies to treat human diseases. She works to progress potential therapies into the clinic, and ultimately to the bedsides of thousands of people.


Irene first started her career in clinical research and development on treatments that mitigated the effects of the HIV virus. Now, she works with the AGT team to develop a treatment intended to provide durable immunity to the disease. As she helped in the development of gene therapy medicines in the past, she continues her efforts to make a difference in HIV cure research.


AGT is a company made up of individuals who have a natural desire to help others around them. Irene is the perfect example as she shares in this video: she is in this business because she loves people.


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