HIV IMMUNITY Dr. Hardy Shares the Possibilities of Gene Therapy

HIV IMMUNITY Dr. Hardy Shares the Possibilities of Gene Therapy
Dr. David Hardy shares the possibilities of gene therapy for HIV immunity
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Contrary to antiretroviral drugs, gene therapy could be used to give the human body immunity to HIV. Dr. David Hardy, a member of American Gene Technologies (AGT)’s HIV Scientific Advisory Board, tells his story of his lifelong commitment to mitigate the effects of the HIV virus. In the past, he helped to treat the symptoms of the virus as best as he could. Today, he is advising AGT as they pursue a gene therapy treatment intended to give patients ultimate immunity to the HIV virus.

Dr. Hardy shares that over 40 million people worldwide have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Over the years, patients have only been able to take antiretroviral treatments to help to control the disease. Today, Dr. Hardy says, “I believe the final solution for a cure is going to involve gene therapy.”

Each day, AGT takes steps towards creating a gene therapy that could help the human body develop an immunity to HIV. For more information about American Gene Technologies progress in gene and cell therapy research, visit:

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