Scientific Discoveries That Changed Lives

Scientific Discoveries That Changed Lives

There have been historic moments in scientific research that have gone unnoticed. Often we don’t hear about these scientific discoveries until they are ready to be unveiled to the rest of the world. However, listed below are four scientific breakthroughs that you may not yet know about and should.  

These discoveries not only shape our future and advanced science but they also offer a chance to end diseases, cure what was once believed to be incurable, and improve human life.

1. On the Way to Reversing Paralysis

These life-saving and life-changing implants are improving. As each year goes by, spinal implants are progressively improving the lives of former paralyzed individuals. With this continued research, and sooner rather than later, paralysis will have a definitive cure.  

A photo of electrical implants that could help treat some spinal injuries “Electrical implants could help treat some spinal injuries.”
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David Mzee is one of the men who underwent training for electrical implants “David Mzee is one of the men who underwent training.”
Photo credit: Hillary Sanctuary/EPFL/Handout

2. International HapMap Project

This project has helped to chip away what diseases may lie in our DNA structure or what could eventually be produced. Giving the medical world the upper hand to locate which, toxins may be contributing to illness such as degenerative bone disease and MS.

International HapMap Project

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3. X-Rays Became an Accidental Discovery We Didn’t Know We Needed

Before X-Rays, it was with good intent to fix what may have been going on within the body. Locating a broken bone and assuming was the way of the medical world. However, after X-Rays were discovered (by accident) by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, we can know properly identify each brake that has occurred. By properly identifying the underlying cause, the exact treatment can be offered. 

X-ray of a hand

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4. Gamma Delta T Cells and the Fight To Cure Cancer

Gamma Delta T Cells make up 3% to 5% of our circulating T cells and may be the one source to fight cancer. Why? This T cell subset spends our entire life eliminating small epithelial malignancies (breast, prostate, lung, liver, colon, and other solid tumor cancers).  Stimulating these natural cancer-killers in our body may result in our bodies’ ability to eliminate significant solid tumors — reducing, or even eliminating the need for surgery, radiation treatments, and chemotherapy. Can we someday send chemo and radiation the way of bloodletting and leaches?  That could be in our future! 

Gamma Delta T Cells

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