How the Life Sciences Industry is Changing the World – “This Is USG” Video Podcast | Episode 15

How the Life Sciences Industry is Changing the World - This Is USG Video Podcast | Episode 15
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In this episode, Dr. Anne Khademian is joined by Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies, for a conversation about the life sciences industry and how it is changing the world with life-saving cures, treatments and technologies to improve health and the human condition.

About "This is USG"

"This is USG" is a video podcast series launched by the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) in October 2020. The series features Dr. Anne Khademian, USG's Executive Director, interviewing guests who are closely connected to USG and the greater community. Guests include students; alumni; staff; faculty; members of the USG Board of Advisors; business, community and university leaders; and others.

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