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"What if incurable diseases like HIV, cancer, PKU, and epithelial solid tumors were completely curable? We're closer than you might think. Really close.

In fact, Jeff Galvin and his team at American Gene Technologies™ (AGT) have been advancing the research and application of viral vectors for several years with some incredibly exciting breakthroughs on the horizon (hint: curing HIV could be just a few years away).

In case you didn't know already, viral vectors is a relatively new technology where you can crack open any virus, scoop out the malevolent code and replace it with code to attack the root drivers of what are today incurable diseases. Essentially this creates a "stealth bomber" benevolent virus in your body. The future of this treatment could "send radiation and chemotherapy the way of bloodletting and leeches" as Jeff says in this podcast.

Jeff has a contagious energy for gene technology and a grand vision of the future of curing the incurable.

If you want to get a peak at how gene technology could quite literally change the world (and soon!) listen to what Jeff has to say.


About Jeff Galvin

Jeff Galvin is the CEO and Founder of American Gene Technologies™ (AGT). He earned his BA degree in Economics from Harvard in 1981 and has more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience including founder or executive positions at a variety of Silicon Valley startups. Several of his companies were taken public and/or sold to public companies, including one in the medical-technology arena that was sold to Varian, the leading maker of linear accelerators used in cancer therapy. Following his startup experience, he retired to become an Angel Investor in real estate and high tech. He came out of retirement to found and fund AGT after meeting Roscoe Brady at NIH.

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