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ShareTreck Interviews Jeff Galvin on the Future of Medicine

ShareTreck: Raj Natarajan Interviews American Gene™ CEO, Jeff Galvin

Nov 21, 2022

Raj Natarajan, host of ShareTreck, goes behind the scenes with Jeff Galvin, Founder and CEO of American Gene™ in this compelling interview to learn how gene therapy works, and what it means for people with deadly diseases, as well as how it will impact the…

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CEO Jeff Galvin was interviewed on the From Lab to Launch podcast

From Lab to Launch Podcast: Testing a Gene Therapy to Potentially Cure HIV & Fundamentally Change Healthcare with Jeff Galvin

Sep 29, 2022

Have a listen. From Lab to Launch by Qualio Jeff is the CEO and founder of American Gene Technologies®. He earned his BA degree in Economics from Harvard and has more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience including founder or executive positions at…

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Queerty interviews Dr. Marcus Conant about AGT's potential gene therapy cure for HIV

Queerty: Gay men are the “canary in the coal mine” of future pandemics, warns doc seeking HIV cure

Sep 27, 2022

Original post on By David Hudson   The trial of a potential HIV cure is underway. The scientists involved hope for initial results toward the end of the year. One of them also has stark warnings about the threat to humanity of future pandemics. He…

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Unboxing Biotech Analyst Report examines AGT103-T

Unboxing Biotech Analyst Report: The Foundation Behind a Potential HIV Cure

Aug 24, 2022

Download the Report The exact origins of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are not precisely known, but researchers theorize that the virus may have originated in chimpanzees,1and then crossed to humans via blood borne pathway. It is not radically different from many of the other retroviruses…

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The Baltimore Sun covers how Maryland may lose out on a $1 billion federal medical research accelerator

The Baltimore Sun: Maryland Might Lose Out on a New $1 Billion Federal Medical Research Accelerator

Jul 25, 2022

Original post on By Giacomo Bologna and Meredith Cohn Baltimore Sun At his State of the Union speech in March, President Joe Biden urged Congress to fund a new federal agency that would “supercharge” breakthrough medical research and “end cancer as we know it.”   Congress…

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As seen in CityBiz, Jeff Boyle, PhD was appointed as chief science officer

CityBiz: American Gene Technologies® Appoints Dr. Jeff Boyle as Chief Science Officer

Jul 25, 2022

Original post on American Gene Technologies, a clinical-stage biotechnology company, has appointed Jeff Boyle, PhD as chief science officer. Dr. Boyle comes to the post with deep biotechnology expertise which will help further accelerate the company’s FDA-approved HIV gene therapy clinical trial that expects to see…

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As seen on ABC7 News: AGT hopes to have a functionally cured patient by next summer

ABC7 News: Progress in HIV cure: AGT hopes to have a ‘functionally cured patient by next summer’

Jul 25, 2022

Original post on We have an update in what developers hope will be an HIV cure, a story we’ve been following for more than a year now.   A Maryland-based company says its early data in three patients shows their altered cells are not…

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As seen on ABC7 News, AGT's HIV cure clinical trial had no serious, adverse events with the third patient

ABC7 News: ‘I see amazing momentum.’ Efforts to find HIV cure are speeding up in Maryland

Jul 25, 2022

Original post on   The efforts to find a functional cure for HIV are speeding up for one Maryland company after the Data Safety and Monitoring Board found no serious, adverse events with the third patient, as was the case for the previous two, American…

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As seen on ABC7 News, American Gene Technologies says its clinical trial has resulted in more patients with substantial increases in virus-specific T-cells with immunity against HIV

ABC7 News: American Gene Technologies® says clinical trial shows increases in immunity against HIV

Jun 13, 2022

Original post on ABC7 News   ROCKVILLE, Md. (7News) – There’s more good news in the fight to cure HIV.   American Gene Technologies says its clinical trial has resulted in more patients with substantial increases in virus-specific T-cells with immunity against HIV.   Progress in…

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Authority Magazine profiles AGT CEO Jeff Galvin

Authority Magazine: Gene Therapy: “Jeff Galvin’s Big Idea That Might Change The World”

Jun 10, 2022

Original Post on Don’t mistake “wants” for “needs” in your life. We hardly need anything to survive, and if we don’t get caught up on the materialistic world that media, corporations, and politicians sell us in order to perpetuate their agendas, it leaves us…

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Tune in to Cell & Gene: The Podcast and hear Addimmune's Dr. Marcus Conant, a pioneer in HIV research, discuss our innovative cell therapy for HIV. He shares his vision for empowering patients and transforming HIV treatment. #celltherapy #biotech ... See MoreSee Less
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M&A has been steady in 2024. We count 47 private & public deals to date totaling $53 billion. 15 have been >$1 billion with cancer, rare disease & cell therapies some of the areas of interest. ... See MoreSee Less
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AGT CEO, Jeff Galvin, had a chat with social media influencer and HIV advocate, Raif Derrazi, to discuss the latest updates on our AGT103-T clinical trials. Dive into the conversation as they shed light on the research and what lies ahead in our mission to find a cure for HIV! #hivcure #HIVresearch #clinicaltrials ... See MoreSee Less
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Can genetic evidence make drugs more effective? A new study in Nature suggests YES. Drug mechanisms with genetic support have a 2.6x higher chance of success. #science #Healthcare ... See MoreSee Less
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