American Gene Technologies™ (AGT) is building a rich product pipeline based on its lentiviral vector platform. Our three leading therapeutics are well into the laboratory phase and scheduled to move into the clinical phase over the course of the next 6-18 months. AGT is in the process of testing and commercializing genetic medicines that will cure or halt the progression of several major diseases.

Genetic medicine can be used to modify properties of cancer cells, causing them to become powerful stimulators of anti-tumor immunity. AGT has developed proprietary genetic medicines carried by lentivirus vectors, that enter tumor cells, reduce cellular defenses against T cell immunity, and stimulate a potent, broad-acting T cell response capable of tumor killing. AGT work with cell and animal models have demonstrated activity against numerous tumor types. Our ImmunoToxTM technology coupled with our Transient LentiVectorTM make our platform a powerful, safe and reusable development resource.