Non-Integrating Viral Delivery System and Methods of Use Thereof JP


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Patent issued November 8, 2022. 


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Non-integrating viral delivery system comprising  

(a) a lentivirus with a defective integrase gene,  

(b) a heterologous viral episomal origin of replication having an HPV16 long control region (LCR) with a 5’ truncation, and an E1 binding site and two E2 binding site, and  

(c) an initiator protein specific for the origin of DNA replication 

(d) a sequence encoding shRNA, where its expression is regulated by the initiator protein, where the initiator protein is inducible, and has at least one of E1 or fragment thereof, E1-C, E2 or a fragment thereof, E1-T2A-E2, or EBNA-1 or an operative fragment thereof.