Methods & Compositions for the Activation of Gamma-delta T-cells EU


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Patent issued November 8, 2023. 


Sequence agnostic claims targeting FDPS – a viral vector for use in treating cancer or an infectious disease (claim 1); an ex vivo method of activating a gamma delta T cell (claim 9); and a viral delivery system for use in activating a GD T cell (claim 10) or for use in treating cancer (claim 11).  


Allowed claims require that the small RNA is 200 nucleotides or less in length. All small RNAs disclosed in the specification (SEQ ID NO 1-10) meet this limitation. No limitation re activating GD T cells (claim 1) or EF-1alpha promoter. 


Further dependent claims that require at least 80%-95% sequence identity with SEQ ID NOs: 1-4 (shRNA) and SEQ ID Nos: 5-10 (microRNA) that target FDPS. 

A dependent claim directed to the viral delivery system for use, including aminobisphosphonate drug (claim 13)