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Exciting News! Jeff Galvin, the visionary CEO of American Gene Technologies, has been named a finalist for the prestigious BioHealth Capital Region Leadership Award.

This nomination is not just a testament to Jeff's unwavering dedication and innovative leadership in the biotech industry but also a moment of pride for everyone at AGT.

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Shaping the Future:
A Vote for Innovation and Hope

Winning this award would be a monumental achievement, shining a spotlight on our trailblazing work in gene and cell therapy. It symbolizes recognition of our relentless pursuit of groundbreaking treatments that promise a brighter future for patients worldwide.


For the public, this accolade would underscore the potential life-changing impacts of our therapies, fostering hope and excitement about the advancements in medical science.


For our investors, this recognition would reaffirm the value and potential of their support, highlighting the strategic foresight in backing a company poised at the cutting edge of biotechnological innovation.


And for the Bio-Health Capital Region, this award would further cement our area's reputation as a burgeoning hub for biotech excellence, attracting talent, investment, and fostering economic growth.


We're on the brink of a new era in healthcare, and this award would be a beacon of our collective efforts to transform lives. Join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone and in rooting for Jeff Galvin as we await the final results. Together, we're not just making history; we're shaping the future.

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This accolade would underscore the potential life-changing impacts of our therapies, fostering hope and excitement.

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