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Aaron Galvin


Aaron Galvin earned his BS and MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), joining the MIT Lincoln Labs to pioneer innovations to radar as well as developing technologies for various classified national security projects.  After twelve years of US Government service, Mr. Galvin was recruited as Vice President of Research and Development for Aritech, a private, emerging electronics company, where he developed unique analog signal processing technology, resulting in nearly 150 patents and allowing his company to become the predominant, worldwide supplier of ultrasonic motion detectors for commercial and home security systems.

Aritech was acquired by ADT (American District Telegraph).  Mr. Galvin was retained by ADT as Vice President of Advanced Development.  Mr. Galvin founded ADT’s New England Research Laboratories (NERL), which he led until his retirement.  Mr. Galvin remains active in retirement, spending time inventing solutions to real-world problems that catch his interest and attention.

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