Wall Street Journal: “New CDC Chief Resigned From Four Entities to Comply With Ethics Rules”

By AGT | Jun 1, 2019
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Published by: The Wall Street Journal.  Written by: Betsy McKay Updated: April 17, 2018 11:09 am ET Financial disclosures detail steps Robert Redfield has taken; ethics office found him to be in compliance The new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resigned positions at four entities, sold stock and forfeited options in two companies and is signing… [Read More]

BioWorld Reports American Gene Technologies’s Progress Toward an HIV cure

By AGT | Jan 31, 2018
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Newsletter Vol. 29, No. 18, Pg. 2 January 26, 2018 On January 26, 2018, BioWorld, The Daily Biopharmaceutical Newscource, published this story:   American Gene Technologies International Inc. (AGT), of Rockville, Md., disclosed completion of the pilot runs of its HIV cure automated cell processing protocol. That completes a key milestone of the firm’s planned phase I trial of AGT103-T,… [Read More]

“Developing New Treatment Options for Unmet Medical Needs is the Cause That Inspires Us” – Julia Brown

By AGT | Oct 17, 2017
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Welcome to The Short Read, our weekly peek behind the curtain at the people who make this amazing community tick. Make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest installment. What are you working on right now? Making AGT successful. The idea of gene therapy has been around for 30 years or so. It is maturing to the point… [Read More]

GENE & CELL THERAPY – Its Growing Potential to Disrupt Drug Research & Healthcare Delivery

By AGT | Oct 4, 2017
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Issue: October 2017, Posted Date: 10/2/2017 INTRODUCTION Gene therapy has been emerging for 30 years with the promise of more effectively treating and curing diseases. The basic technology initially used an engineered virus or viral vector to deliver a normal gene to overcome loss of function due to an inherited dysfunctional gene. Vector constructs did not result in sufficient functional gene expression, were… [Read More]

MicroCap Review Features AGT in Fall 2017 Edition: Is an HIV Cure Within Our Grasp?

By AGT | Sep 5, 2017
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This biotech company has proprietary technology and therapeutic protocols that are on track to functionally cure HIV-infection and make patients impervious to the HIV virus. AGT’s Protocol AGT is an emerging gene and cell therapy company with an enhanced lentiviral platform capable of addressing a broad range of large and orphan indications including infectious diseases, immunooncology, and monogenic disorders. AGT… [Read More]

The Disruption Continues: Thinking Inside the Box About Gene Therapy

By AGT | Nov 2, 2016
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It’s happening…   In my previous Medium essay, Disruption for Dummies, I predicted that high-tech gene therapeutics like the ones being developed by American Gene Technologies would not only provide functional cures for scores of deadly diseases, but would do so at significantly lower cost than current forms of treatment. The first part of that prediction, that gene therapies with the power to solve… [Read More]

Beyond Lifelong Drug Treatments: Stopping HIV with Gene Therapy

By AGT | Jun 24, 2016
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FROM THE DESK OF DR. DAVID PAUZA, PHD ROCKVILLE, Maryland. (June 24, 2016) – The Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) for HIV disease saved millions of lives and gave hope to persons with HIV, their friends and families. Hope encouraged expanded testing programs and brought more individuals with HIV into clinical care. Global distribution of drugs used in HAART extended the… [Read More]

Passing of a Great NINDS Physician-Scientist, AGT Co-Founder

By AGT | Jun 13, 2016
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American Gene Mourns the Passing of Co-Founder, Roscoe Brady, M.D. It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of former National Institutes of Health scientist and American Gene Co-Founder, Roscoe O. Brady, M.D., a pioneer of modern medicine and true public servant who improved the lives of thousands of people suffering from lysosomal storage disorders. Dr…. [Read More]

“Disruption for Dummies”

By AGT | Apr 28, 2016
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WHY GENE THERAPY COST ESTIMATES ARE WRONG – AN OP-ED FROM AGT CEO, JEFF GALVIN Last week, a colleague and I hosted our first ever Reddit AMA and were intrigued with a question posed by one /u/marefo.   So much so that I felt compelled to dive headfirst into the issue. Gene therapeutics which functionally cure diseases are coming. That much is beyond… [Read More]

AGT Announces First-Ever Reddit AMA on the Potential of Gene Therapies

By AGT | Apr 21, 2016
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We are proud to have participated in our first-ever Reddit AMA on April 21, 2016. AGT CEO, Jeff Galvin and Chief Science Officer, Dr. David Pauza discussed the future of gene therapy and viral vectors as a delivery vehicle.   See the full Reddit AMA HERE

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