American Gene Technologies: The Software Revolution For The Next 100 Years

By AGT | Dec 9, 2019
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Published by:  Zacks Small Cap Research (SCR)  |  Written by:  John Vandermosten, CFA Download The Full PDF American Gene Technologies (AGT) is a genetic medicines company developing a portfolio of therapies that employ the company’s proprietary lentiviral vector (LV) platform to focus on disease in areas of unmet medical need. AGT’s pipeline consists of therapies for three different indications. The… [Read More]

Can We Reprogram The Human Computer?

By AGT | Dec 5, 2019
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Published by: Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), In: Volume LV, Issue 9  |  Written by: Rebecca Stauffer Download The Full PDF What if developers of cell and gene therapies treated their products like software releases? What if the human body could be manipulated like a highly complex computer? Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies, certainly has that mindset, frequently referring to cell… [Read More]

Maryland company believes it has cure for HIV/AIDS

By AGT | Nov 8, 2019
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Published by:  Written by: Janay Parrott ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – Wednesday night was an exciting one for investors and employees at American Gene Technologies. After years in the making, they submitted a nearly 1,000-page document to FDA. And within its pages just may lie the cure for HIV/AIDS. American Gene Technologies (AGT) announced the submission of an Investigational New… [Read More]

Gene Therapy Targets Aids

By AGT | Sep 12, 2019
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Published by: BiotechPrimer  Written by: Emily Burke, PhD For many years, a diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) was a death sentence. It seemed unthinkable in the 1980s, but the medical community now largely treats the disease as a chronic illness. This profound shift arose through the development of highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART). These medicines inhibit the replication and spread… [Read More]

The Gene Fix That Might Cure HIV

By AGT | Sep 6, 2019
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Published by:  One Zero  Written by:  Emily Mullin Antiretroviral drugs make HIV manageable, but gene therapies could eliminate the virus altogether — provided the treatments can be made safe and economical In the mid-1990s, scientists made a curious but remarkable discovery: A man named Stephen Crohn seemed virtually immune to HIV. In the years before that discovery, Crohn’s boyfriend and many of… [Read More]

Montgomery Magazine: “Jeffrey Galvin’s BioTech Firm May Be on The Verge of Curing HIV/AIDS”

By AGT | Aug 19, 2019
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Published by: Montgomery Magazine  | Issue:  August – September 2019, Page 42 Written by: Jeff Thoreson | Photograph by: Kevin Allen A 3D RENDERING OF HIV VIRUS IN BLOOD STREAM Jeffrey Galvin has been a computer nerd since the seventh grade. Way back in the 1970s era of mainframes, he became interested not so much in programming languages or even… [Read More]

C&EN: “How Phenylketonuria, A Once-Neglected Disease, Became A Proving Ground For New Drugs”

By AGT | Jul 9, 2019
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Published by: C&EN on May 12, 2019, In: Volume 97, Issue 27.  Written by: Ryan Cross After decades of yearning for drugs, people with PKU now have 2, and a dozen more are in development. It’s dinnertime on a Wednesday evening in June at the Wards’ house in Whitman, Massachusetts. As Karen Ward calls her three kids to the table,… [Read More]

C&EN: “With Several Long-acting HIV Treatments In The Works, The Newest Drugs Emphasize Convenience”

By AGT | Jun 18, 2019
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Published by: C&EN on May 12, 2019, In Volume 97, Issue 19.  Written by: Megha Satyanarayana Lionel Hillard’s boss asked him to come into his office. It was the late 1980s in Dallas. The then 29-year-old was a medical assistant at a busy clinic with a room full of patients. But the doctor who ran it said he needed to… [Read More]

Site Selection: “The Future of Healthcare is Here: Maryland Leads a Biotech Revolution”

By AGT | Jun 17, 2019
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Published by: Site Selection, Digital Edition, May 2019 Issue.  Written by: Gary Daughters Jeff Galvin, founder and CEO of Rockville, Maryland’s American Gene Technologies, speaks of cellular gene therapy with the zeal of an evangelist. “I believe we’re on the eve of a gene and cell therapy revolution that will completely disrupt the traditional drug development industry and the economics… [Read More]

Washington Post: “New CDC Chief Stepped Down From Four Groups to Comply With Ethics Rules”

By AGT | Jun 5, 2019
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Published by: The Washington Post.  Written by: Lena H. Sun Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield has resigned his  positions at four groups, including a gene therapy biotechnology company and a conservative AIDS organization, to comply with government ethics rules, according to his financial disclosures. Redfield, a longtime HIV/AIDS researcher who started the job March 26, succeeded Brenda Fitzgerald,… [Read More]

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