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Employee at Apple to Biotech CEO

40 Years to a new beginning

Date: October 7, 4pm EDT
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What Will I Learn?

In this webinar, Jeff Galvin will share his journey from executive positions and entrepreneurial ventures in Silicon Valley to founding and leading a ground-breaking Gene and Cell Therapy company. Reflecting on the last technology revolution sets the stage for what Galvin will do to maximize the power of gene and cell therapy to reduce suffering and mortality from serious human diseases: apply the lessons he learned in the last technology revolution of computers to the technical revolution of the next 100 years of genetic medicines in the “human-computer.”

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About Jeff's Journey

Jeff Galvin’s journey from a successful entrepreneurial career in the computer industry in Silicon Valley to CEO of a leading biotech company in Maryland is a story full of twists and turns.

In the 80s, technology was accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and technological breakthroughs regularly disrupted the status quo. Jeff worked at Apple and watched as the computer advanced at a dramatic pace enabling a technical revolution that swept the world. In the computer industry, Jeff imagined and worked for a future where 0’s and 1’s could translate to better lives for all people. Jeff’s ability to see and help build the future led to financial reward and his retirement in his early 40’s.

After five years of life on the beach in Hawaii and traveling around the world, Jeff became restless to get back into technology. While looking for private investment opportunities, he met an NIH physician and researcher named Dr. Roscoe Brady who introduced Jeff to viral vectors, the foundational technology of gene therapy. A technology that Jeff immediately realized “had the ability to convert human viruses into ‘human updates’ that would have tremendous power to bring new treatments and cures of human diseases.” Jeff left 0’s and 1’s for the nucleotides of DNA in the “human computer”: symbolized by A’s, C’s, T’s, and G’s.

Gene and cell therapies may seem inevitable now, but in 2008, Jeff took an aggressive approach by adopting the technology early, when the industry was at its nadir, and applied a new model to biotech and drug development that he learned at Apple. Today, Jeff’s creativity has placed American Gene Technologies at the forefront of the gene and cell therapy revolution.